State of the Art

From our equipment, to our facilities and our professionally trained coaches, we strive to be first in session, always.


Clean lean lines and modern design define our aesthetic, but we don’t just stop there – we believe a fresh, welcoming environment leads to a better workout – but it’s not so clean so that you won’t want to sweat!


Anyone will feel welcome when they step into the E + E studio, from learning how to wrap before a kickboxing workout to feeling confident in weight choices, no session will leave a client feeling intimidated.


Innovative workouts, best practices, new music – it’s our priority to keep things fresh and edgy for our clients. Never take the same session twice.




Our studio exists to provide a place where anyone can walk into our studio and make a friend. Whether it’s another client, a friendly front desk member or a coach – you won’t feel alone in your fitness journey at E + E Fitness. Have a blast with people you may never otherwise know. 

Work Hard

You don’t see results or change without some work. Our trainers will push, but it’s up to the client to elevate their personal fitness goals.

Have Fun

Our goal is to create an environment that is approachable, playful and great for all ages and levels of fitness. Join us doing adult obstacle courses (Bootcamp) and jumping around kicking a punching bag (Kickboxing) to loud music, all the while challenging our bodies and minds to experiment and learn new things!


your fitness

your life

your health

your community

your fit family

your. . . . whatever is important to you



Hours & Location

2400 E. 6th Street | Austin, Texas


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