Steven Adame (SWAN)

Coach & Personal Trainer


I believe a well written program is essential in advancing movement patterns and preventing future injuries. You must know what you’re implementing and why…

— Steven Adame or SWAN

I am a Certified Coach and currently pursuing a degree in Biology.
As a Professional Athlete in MMA, I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve as an athlete. The thirst for that knowledge has made me a huge fitness enthusiast and has developed a passion for helping others learn and improve as well.

I consider my training philosophy to be innovative and take on a more holistic approach…I believe betterment in total wellness and training for function will lead to improvements in overall health.

My training style is typically based on improving your movement and function. Everyone moves different. Everyone has a different function. My task is to continually progress you to your individual goals safely all while advancing your everyday movement patterns and preventing injuries.