Nickie Harris

Coach & Personal Trainer

ACSM Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Health Coach

I am an ACSM Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Health Coach specializing in plant based nutrition. As a coach and trainer, I operate under the mantra that it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle, not following a diet. I’ve learned that reaching your goals is not nearly as hard as you think it will be, but it will take twice as long as you expect. That’s why consistency is key. In the gym, I am a stickler for form and I’ll never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do. My clients like me because I have the perfect mixture of empathy with exercises that’ll make your ass sore the next day. I strive to help my clients find the same clarity and purpose from their workout that I find from mine. I do that by providing the laughs, the challenge, and the fit tips. You make it work by bringing your body and your can-do attitude.

My workout journey started as just a way to lose weight, but I never could seem to find enough time for it. I had a negative body image and pretty bad relationship with food, and I didn’t really know my body yet. In an effort to make some lasting changes, I tried out yoga, then running, then kickboxing. I had some success, but still I knew there was more out there for me!

Thanks to a lot of good influences, I slowly got in to lifting weights during college. I also became vegan during this time after having been vegetarian most of my life. Over time, eating vegan and working out made my body and mind stronger and healthier, and I lost weight in the process! Today, working out and being vegan provide clarity, purpose, and fun in my life, especially when it comes to sharing my healthy lifestyle with others.

When I’m not working out or training, you can find me at Bouldin Creek Café, making awesome workout playlists, somewhere outside, thrift shopping for treasures, or petting my cat Smokey while she tries to bite me.