Kiel Anderson

HEAT Bootcamp Coach & Personal Trainer

Some define themselves by their education or career. Others, by their salaries or material acquisitions. Whether it’s
the subtle application of oil to canvas, or the straining and heaving of hard iron, I choose to define myself by my
My passion for heath and fitness began as a child. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an athlete and fitness
Growing up playing sports, I learned the importance of taking care of my body both internally through proper nutrition
and externally through proper training.
My degree in biology and my experience as a collegiate athlete fortified my belief in taking of care of this amazing
machine we call the human body.
After competing and training in a variety of sports, including football, bodybuilding, half-marathons, Crossfit and
fitness modeling, I’ve gathered the most important aspects from each of these disciplines and created my own
training philosophy.  That is: Train for Life.
Personally, I enjoy expressing my own creativity when customizing an individualized program for each of my clients.
I believe in a healthy balance between pushing each client to reach his or her full potential while having fun in the
When I’m not sweating in the studio or gym, you can find me rock climbing, playing with my german shepherd (Drea)
at Zilker Park or spending quality time with good friends in downtown Austin.