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PowerPlant Nutrition is personalized, plant-based health coaching by E + E’s amazing trainer, Nickie Harris.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a kick start to revolutionize your eating patterns and lifestyle in a self-love kind of way. As a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Nickie promotes plant-based eating because of the numerous personal benefits plant-based foods provide for our bodies. Not to mention the huge positive effect that eating less meat and dairy has on animal lives and the environment we ALL live in.

Working with Nickie is a step towards taking responsibility for your own health. She can help you achieve the goals you have been putting off, or told yourself you’d never be able to do. She treats her clients like friends, so your success is her success!

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Pricing Options:

Initial Consultation – Free
In this consolation, Nickie will assess your goals. If your goals and her skill set match up then you’ll get down to business. Your initial consultation is free.

Month to Month Coaching – $120/month
This is the full service option. With this plan, you will meet in person once a month. The initial meeting will set the course for your work together. Based on your questionnaire, Nickie will define your health goals and the steps you will take to get you there. Along with monthly in-person check in, Nickie will check in on your progress at least once every week to keep you informed and on track. Includes meal plans, grocery lists, macro-nutrient and calorie calculations + more.
$120/month of health coaching

Health Coaching Package Deals – $300/3 months
When you decide you love working together you can purchase a package deal for 3 months of coaching. This is a lasting commitment to your health that you won’t regret! Works especially well for those who struggle with personal accountability (all of us) because once you’ve paid for something you are more likely to follow through.
$300/3 months of plant-based health coaching (you save $60)

Personal Training + Health Coaching Package Deal
When you pre-pay for a full month of personal training with Nickie, you get a 30 minute nutrition check in + mini plan every month (a $60 value) for free.
Free mini nutrition check in with pre-paid month of training

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Nickie Harris

Hours & Location

2400 E. 6th Street | Austin, Texas


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Mon-Friday: 5:45am – 9pm | Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 9:30am – 7:30pm