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We’re excited to offer you a variety of quality production on demand classes that you can choose from when you workout with us at home. All videos show modifications for home equipment or no-equipment. If you do have equipment we’ll be offering ways to use it.
We’ll constantly update the library  so that you can keep up with your workouts the same way you normally would. Thanks for joining us us digitally, let’s sweat together!


*Before you get started, please read these instructions very carefully – ALL users will need to add Online Classes to their account and will need to be on a BROWSER (Safari or Chrome) to access them via E + E Mindbody Online site (NO APP ACCESS). Once you go through the initial steps it will be much easier to access what you need and we’ve provided direct links for you to bookmark below.
Should you have any questions please feel free to email Alex


1. Click the link below to purchase your online class ($6 per video or 5 videos for $25)
2. Once you have processed the transaction you will be able to view videos per number purchased
3. Once you have made the purchase you can log into your Mindbody E + E Fitness account from a desktop or phone browser such as Safari or Chrome
4. Once in E + E Mindbody Online, navigate to the “Online Classes” tab at the top right of the page
5.  Before you click on a class be sure it’s the one you want because once you click on your choice it’s yours and the $6 video fee or 5 videos for $25 will be applied (you can see what’s available below)
**You can bookmark this exact link for our videos but you won’t be able to access it until you make a purchase to your account with the above steps

Sample of E + E Fitness Mindbody Page below


Peach Camp with Coach Zeik

Total Body Tabata with Coach SWAN

Hybrid Bootcamp + Kickboxing Total Body with Coach Patrice

Warm Up / Cool Down / Trigger Point / Stretch with Coach SWAN

Upper Body Burn with Coach Kiley

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