Location & Parking

We are located at 2400 6th St between Robert T. Martinez and Pedernales on the first floor of the E6 Apartments building.


There is lots of street parking in the early mornings and evenings in front and around the studio.  In addition to 6th St, there are several neighborhood side streets (5th, Pedernales, Robert T Martinez)  that have free all day parking.

During the work hours of 8am to 5pm, parking is more challenging so make sure to plan for a little extra time or if possible, take an Uber or scooter to the studio.

Weekends there is ample street parking.

Early/Late Cancelation & No Show Policy

Our late cancelation window is 2 hours before class.  We understand that sometimes things come up and you can’t attend a scheduled class. As a courtesy to the staff and your fellow class participants, please cancel as soon as possible to give someone else the opportunity to come. You can do this easily through our app, online or call the studio.  If you cancel over 2 hours before the class then no fee will be charged and your class will not be deducted from your class package.

However, anyone registered for a class is expected to cancel their registration at least 2 hours ahead of scheduled class time. A $10 fee will be charged for each late cancel or no-show for our membership holders, and a forfeit class for drop-ins and class package users.

Kickboxing Gear Needed

Boxing gloves and hand wraps are required in class. If you don’t have your own, you can both rent and buy gloves at the studio but hand wraps are not available for rent.


Rent $2       Purchase $50

Hand Wraps (Purchase Only)

Gel Pro-quick Wraps $10

Hand Wraps are $10

Shin Pads $22

Shoes are not allowed in the kickboxing studio, so be ready to take them off and place your shoes in one of the cubbies outside the room.

First Time Attending Class?

Arrive 15 minutes before your first class. This is very important.

Our front desk staff will give you a tour of the studio and our coaches want to chat with you to find out if you have any injuries or need special modifications to ensure you’re getting the best and safest workout.

For kickboxing, your coach will lead a 5-minute introduction before class to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with some of the basics of kickboxing such as how to wrap your hands, getting comfortable with the set-up, and proper technique.

Running Late

If you’re running late, call the front desk so that the coach knows that someone is going to enter the class late. For kickboxing this will ensure that your bag will stay open for an additional 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, we will open the bag to people on the waitlist or drop-ins.
To ensure a safe workout environment, nobody will be allowed into class after 10 minutes passed the start of class.

Booking Multiple Bags in Same Class

We love that you’re bringing some friends!

To make sure everything runs smoothly, ensure that your friends know that everyone participating in class is required to sign a waiver at the front desk or online before taking class.

Email info@eandefitness.com for further questions and single-payer group booking.

Personal Training

If you’re interested in finding out more about our trainers, check out their individual bios. If you have specific goals such as prepping for a competition or getting in the best shape of your life, or need specific accommodations such as recovering from an injury or staying fit during/after pregnancy, we’ll be here to help you. Our trainers are all experts with diverse skill sets and our mission is to find you the right trainer for YOU.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level:

  1. Check out the trainer bios and see if there is someone that you are interested in working with
  2. Make a list of your goals
  3. Let us know your preferred times and days
  4. Call us at (512) 368-5364 or email us at info@eandefitness.com
  5. We will match you with the perfect trainer for your goals and schedule!!
Can I Drop In?

Of Course!! We’d love to see you whenever you can. We’ll get you in a class (if space is available) or will sign you up for the next one. To save your spot, download the app and sign-up online.

What to Wear

Come dressed in whatever you’re comfortable wearing.

For kickboxing, we suggest wearing clothes that let you breathe because it’s going to get very sweaty!! Make sure to bring your own wraps and gloves, or purchase/rent them here.

Are there showers?

Get sweaty and get ready right here!!

We have a fully equipped locker rooms with showers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (local Austin brands).

Gift Cards

What’s better than giving the gift of health and fun?!!

You can purchase gift cards easily online for all that we have to offer (memberships, classes and class packs, personal training). Your gift cards can be scheduled to be send via email on a specific date or printed out.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Although we would love to keep you as part of our fitness family forever, we understand that circumstances can arise that will require you to cancel your membership. Based on the type of membership, there are different requirements and fees:

  • Monthly Membership (no commitment): This membership is not attached to a contract and you can cancel this membership anytime. The only requirement is that you give us at least 3 business days before your renewal date.
  • 6-month Membership: This membership has a commitment of 6 months and your membership dues will be charged for 6 months at a specific date of the month.
    • If you’re at the end of your 6 months and don’t want to renew, just let us know 1 week before the end of your membership.
    • If you want to break your contract before the 6 months, you will incur a 1-month cancellation fee.
    • Cancellation requests must be submitted at least 1 week before the requested date of cancellation.
  • 12-month Membership: This membership has a commitment of 12 months and your membership dues will be charged for 12 months at a specific date of the month.
    • If you’re at the end of your 12 months and don’t want to renew, just let us know 1 week before the end of your membership.
    • If you want to break your contract before the 12 months, you will incur a 2-month cancellation fee. The fee is based on the regular monthly fee.
    • Cancellation requests must be submitted at least 1 week before the requested date of cancellation.
MINDBODY Questions?

If you have questions about how to use MINDBODY go to:

or you can always contact us for help.

Hours & Location

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