Studio Update

We want to fill you in on our plans to welcome you back into the studio. Although we do not have a set reopening date, we are working on a plan structured in phases to reopen in the safest, most socially responsible way. 

Upon reopening, there will be significant changes to our class structure, safety protocols, and pricing in order to facilitate a clean and safe environment for the E + E Community. We have partnered with local fitness businesses to set standards of best practice for our industry that go above and beyond recommendations in an attempt to give our community the confidence needed to come back into the studio.

With that said, we have developed tentative reopening phases of studio services contingent on the continued health and safety of the public.

Reopening E + E Fitness 

This is our tentative plan, with more details to follow. Be sure to follow us on social media or check our website for updates.


Phase I. NOW: Continuing to offer Livestream Classes + On Demand Videos

Virtual Memberships As many of you have been taking advantage of our 8 live stream classes per week.  In addition to our intro offer and a la carte class purchase, you will be able to purchase unlimited live virtual membership for only $22 per week with our virtual membership.   

Online Video Library  We have built a library of over 50+ online workout videos from our own E + E instructors. We upload new content every week. Here’s a free video class for you to try at home and if you want access to our full library click here.


Phase II. Early June – Personal Training + Private Kickboxing

We will be providing personal training + private kickboxing, by appointment only, utilizing the full studio so that we can space our clients and trainers out.  We will keep the occupancy well below the 25% capacity of our studio and adhere to social distancing as well as cleaning protocols mandated by the Texas Governor. Sessions will be scheduled with one trainer to a maximum of two clients, and cross traffic will be minimal. Email if you are interested in Personal Training and Private Kickboxing.


Phase III. Mid-June – Small Group Sessions + Outdoor Classes 

Small Group Sessions will consist of a maximum of 4 people. These sessions will be tailored to the group’s fitness goals. The group can be an organization of friends that want to workout together or an E  + E organized small session.  The sessions will be a hybrid of class structure with a personalized approach. These are either bootcamps, kickboxing or hybrid classes, depending on client request. Sessions will be scheduled  based on demand.

Outdoor Classes will be held in our grass area adjacent to our personal training room with a maximum of 8 people. We will begin with a few a week and build the schedule based on interest. These will be structured very similarly to our current bootcamps and/or hybrid bootcamp/kickboxing classes.

Phase IV. Late June/Early July – Intimate Indoor Group Classes

We will begin limited capacity group classes according to the government occupancy guidelines at that time. We will continue to monitor the state requirements regarding social distancing and studio occupancy restrictions.

Next Steps

Please let us know if you are interested in personal training or private kickboxing once we open in Phase II. Email Amanda at

Please let us know if you would like to organize your own small group session consisting of 3 to 4 people or if you would be interested to join an E + E organized small group session in Phase III so that we can begin planning for your return now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all strive to navigate this pandemic. As a small business, we are incredibly grateful for your support and truly could not weather this storm without you. This is unknown territory, but we promise to make the best, safest decisions possible in regard to reopening and protecting our community. We look forward to sweating with you soon!

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