The E + E Community Health Pledge is intended to provide health and safety standards that are required by our entire community of clients, guests and staff when using our facility for any service in order to keep yourself and our community healthy

Thank you in advance for agreeing with and participating in our guidelines as we work together to keep our facility a healthy environment for all members of our valued E + E community.

With Every Visit to E + E Fitness Gym and Wellness Studio I agree I will:

  • Stay home if I am aware of or displaying any symptoms that are potential flu-like indications such as fever, cough, or any difficulty with breathing.
  • Stay at home for at least 14 days if I have knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Assume any and all liability for my health and well-being by physically attending the premises of E + E despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic
  • Abide by the physical distancing rule(s) by keeping a 6-foot distance between clients, staff or guests at all times when using the studio.
  • Minimize and avoid unnecessary physical contact with others.
  • Not attempt to use equipment that is non-operational or has any sign communicating non-use for any reason.
  • Thoroughly wipe down equipment after every use with the sanitation supplies provided by E + E and ensure all trash is discarded in designated waste baskets only.
  • Return all equipment to the original place for proper storage after every use.
  • Follow all requests by E + E staff regarding my safety and wellbeing, including allowing my temperature to be taken, wearing gloves or face coverings,  if asked.
  • Respect the space and adhere to all rules and regulations set forth above.

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