Wellness Guidelines + Safety Detail

The well-being of our staff and members is extremely important to us. We strongly believe that exercising not only keeps our immune system in tip top shape but also improves our mental health.   With all the stress and fears around COVID-19 Virus, I want to take a moment to let you know what makes our studio a safe place for you to exercise.

E + E is an exceptional boutique studio with low volume and high cleaning standards.  If you have already visited our studio, then you know what I am talking about.  We have always kept cleanliness as our top priority by employing an outside cleaning service in addition to strict procedures for our front desk staff.

Thank you for doing your part as we work together to keep our spaces safe for our entire E + E community. 

What to expect from E + E to keep our community healthy:

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of all spaces throughout the studio
  • Use of an industrial quality fogger machine for extra sanitization
  • Strict procedures for pre-booking 
  • All sessions are appointment only services to ensure space is plentiful and cleansed
  • Gloves, masks, sanitizer and wipes all offered complimentary for clients
  • Spring water available for purchase or bring you own water bottle to refill
  • Boxing gloves and wraps are available for purchase (rentals are not available)
  • An adjusted Private Training schedule to allow for maximum of two sessions in each workout room (PT, BC + KB Rooms) at any one time to alot for extra space
  • Introduction of Squad Sessions – small group workouts with maximum of 4 people
  • Minimum of 15 minutes between all sessions to allow for cleaning protocols
  • Staff + clients wear a mask if asked and are provided for free
  • Clients wait outside or in their car until the coach is ready for their session
  •  In order to minimize crossing in common areas such as lobby, coaches may allow their client into the studio according to appropriate outside access door for each workout room
  • Showers are currently closed per CDC guidelines 
  • Limited sanitized lockers for use are designated with a “Use Me” sign
  • Temporarily no E + E towel service 
  •  Cleaning protocol summary:
    • Clients + coaches clean own equipment after use 
    • Periodic Fogging and Air-scrubbing of workout spaces 
    • Personal disinfecting stations

What is required from you:

  • All E + E visitors are required to abide by the E + E Community Health Pledge which includes an acknowledgement that clients and coaches will not visit the studio if they are aware of or displaying any symptoms that are potential flu-like indications such as fever, cough, or any difficulty with breathing.
  • All sessions are reservation-only and must be pre-booked
  • Prior to studio arrival you must register and create an E + E account online and sign our liability waiver 
  • 24 hour cancelation policy in effect no exceptions
  • When you arrive for your session text/call your Coach and let them know you’ve arrived and your Coach will direct you where to go
  • Bring your own boxing equipment. No glove or wrap rentals. You may purchase new boxing gloves for only $35 or used boxing gloves for only $18. Wraps are $10. You may purchase ahead on our website and pick them up at your session.  
  • All purchases can be made on our online website with your saved preferred payment.  No cash or exchanging of credit cards
  • Masks and gloves encouraged but optional and E  +  E has provided these should you request them.
  • Please bring your own water bottle + sweat towel
  • Abide by the physical distancing rule(s) by keeping a 6-foot distance at all times when using the studio especially in common areas such as lobby and restrooms
  • Minimize and avoid unnecessary physical contact with others
  • Thoroughly wipe down equipment after every use with the sanitation supplies provided by E + E
  • Ensure all trash is discarded in designated waste baskets only
  • Return all equipment to the original place for proper storage after every use



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