E + E created a unique combination of our own Semi Private Sessions so that you can get the workout that you want when you want it.

Increase your accountability by working out with others. Form your own group with friends or let us pair you with workout partners who have similar goals so that you can get the workout you want when you want it. These semi private sessions have a maximum of 4 people and are tailored to the group’s goals.  All sessions feature a variety of personalized workouts including E + E Kickboxing, HIIT, Functional Strength, Tabata, Stretch + Recovery, Peach Squad and more. Sculpt your body while having fun with our unique sessions.

Squad sessions will be 50 minutes long and may be purchased in packs of five or ten. Times will be organized by demand. Either join an existing squad on our schedule or let us match you with your squad by letting us know your interests in this quick form below or email info@eandefitness.com to join a squad now! Tell us your interests and your preferred workout times.


Our approach applies to all fitness levels from beginners to fanatics. Our squad sessions target upper, lower and total body. Below are examples of the squad workouts we offer.

E + E Total Body Kickboxing HIIT Squad
This is a cardio workout that utilizes our heavy bags and features kickboxing mixed with HITT style exercises that are sure to make you sweat. In this session you will burn hard, incorporate explosive speed, footwork, strength and most of all, willpower. E + E Kickboxing is not a martial arts session; it is a fun, hard, unique workout for the whole body that incorporates cardio and strength.

E + E Conditioning Squad
Signature High Intensity Interval Training style. This workout combines strength training, cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics, and, most importantly, FUN into each and every workout. We offer a total body session and have a specialized Chest, Back + Arms version guaranteed to get you ready to don your favorite skin-tight tee or strapless dress. Ou r Lower Body + Core version of this workout will leave you feeling toned but stairs may be tricky for a few days.

E + E Peach Squad
Zeik Molina, our professional Peach Builder, is going to elevate your booty goals. Let’s be honest, no one ever wrote a song about a small booty. This squad will target major muscle groups in the lower body like the hamstrings, quads, and of course your peach booty! Add some hard core abs and you are good to go!

Total Body Tabata + Core Squad
This squad consists of our traditional full-body Tabata + core drills. Tabata training incorporates the elements of resistance training and cardio that will lean and tone. Perfect for individuals wanting to lean, tone, and work the most important muscle — the heart. Tabata training is a high-intensity style of training.

E + E Stretch + Recovery Squad
This mild session will take you through mobility and myofascial release exercises to help your body maximize its range of motion and flexibility. After all that strength training and cardio work, this session will be the perfect combination to treat your body to an active rest day and prevent injury.

E + E Functional Strength Squad
For participants who want to focus on increasing functional strength while learning proper technique and mechanics. Every session will be set up to help achieve each individual’s “work capacity” based on their body weight and strength. This squad session will have strong attention to details and individual goals. Coaches will incorporate full body strength movements, with an emphasis on upper back and core, while being posture corrective.


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