E + E Kickboxing

Our signature E + E Kickboxing class is equipped with 21 heavy bags and features kickboxing mixed with bodyweight movements that are sure to make you sweat. These classes burn hard, incorporate explosive speed, footwork, strength and most of all, willpower. It’s just you and your bag for 60 minutes, pushing yourself to new, exhilarating places, mentally and physically. This is a cardio Kickboxing class, you will not learn how to fight. We like to say “get fit, don’t get hit”.

Kicks + Core Club

A 45 minutes of lower body focused class. Take your baby cakes to the next level! This class is all about getting the burn through a combination of kicks, lower body exercises, and plenty of core work. Don’t worry, your heart will get plenty of work too. For all levels.

Boxing Club

45 minutes of real boxing technique, combining the principles of pro boxing training and functional fitness training for a unique class experience. This is a full body workout that will get your heart rate up and will work your boxing technique. For all levels.

Strike Club

This 45 min class will Elevate + Evolve your kickboxing by taking your striking to the next level! You will keep you heart rate up and burn some serious heat with advanced kickboxing combos and drills. This class is not recommended for beginners as it will not go over basic punching and kicking skills.

More Information

Boxing gloves and wraps are required in class. If you do not have your own we have gloves for rent for $2 or you can purchase your own pair at E + E. We require that you purchase your own hand wraps. We have both quick wraps or full hand wraps for sale at the studio.

Hours & Location

2400 E. 6th Street | Austin, Texas


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Mon- Thurs 5:45am – 8pm | Friday: 5:45am – 9pm | Sat: 8:30am – 1:30pm
Sun: 9:30am – 12:30pm