E + E Fitness was born from a true passion for fitness. 
After graduating from MIT and building a successful technology company Becky Brown, the founder of E + E, decided she would pursue her true passion: being active and playing! After spending 25 years in finance and technology, she wanted to align her love for fitness and fun with her work, family & friends.

“Personally I love to play. And when I say play I mean anything that is active. I spend hours with my son and his friends playing ping-pong, throwing a football, Frisbee, tennis, surfing etc. My love for sports started when I was young and has never faded. I was a division 1 gymnast in college and still love to flip.”

Her decision to create a unique fitness studio came from a passion for fitness and community. E + E is all about being happy and creating a fun place where everyone is welcome and where the common bond is created from the love of being active and playing!! Catch us doing adult obstacle courses (Bootcamp) and jumping around kicking a punching a bag (Kickboxing) to loud music, all the while challenging our bodies and minds to experiment and learn new things while having a blast with people we may never otherwise know. What else could anyone want?!

Our goal is to create a community both inside and outside the fitness studio that is based on the common love for movement, play, and human connection. We want to grow a community, be involved in our community, and foster community relationships in an effort to connect people that may have nothing else in common! Come meet new fun people & play with us!


Hours & Location

2400 E. 6th Street | Austin, Texas


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Mon- Thurs 5:45am – 8pm | Friday: 5:45am – 9pm | Sat: 8:30am – 1:30pm
Sun: 9:30am – 12:30pm