E + E Fitness was born from a true passion for fitness + wellness

E + E is a boutique gym and wellness studio located on Austin’s hip east side. We offer intimate personal training and small group fitness sessions (E + E Squads) of two to four people. All sessions feature a variety of personalized workouts including E + E Kickboxing, HIIT, Functional Strength, Tabata, Stretch + Recovery, Peach Squad and more. Sculpt your body while having fun with our unique approach to fitness, where we will match your goals with our coaches and your workout squads. We are also excited to bring E + E wellness therapies that offer recovery and immunity to our studio in late Summer 2020.

E + E stands for Elevate + Evolve and represents an equation for success. Our goal is to create a community both inside and outside of the studio that is based on the common love for movement, play, fitness, health and human connection. From our state of the art equipment, to our award-winning, modern studio design and our professionally trained, friendly coaches, we strive to be first in class, always.

E + E was founded by Becky Brown, a mom and lover of active play, who is all about creating a fun, happy place for all. All fitness levels will feel welcome when they step into the E + E studio, in-person or virtually. From learning how to wrap before a kickboxing workout to feeling confident in weight choices, no session will leave you feeling intimidated.

Work with Austin’s elite coaches in a sleek, state-of-the art fitness gym outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. Our coaches go through E + E specific training and create each workout themselves so that you never take the same session twice. They develop fun, individualized fitness programs that meet your personal goals. Innovative workouts, best practices, new music – it’s our priority to keep things fresh and edgy for our clients.

Stay tuned for the launch of E + E Wellness Studio, in late Summer 2020. E + E Wellness will offer new services and therapies that will allow you to have an Active Rest day. Our services focus on your health and wellness and improve your wellbeing. After your amazing workout + wellness session, you can enjoy free amenities such as towels, water, fruit and complimentary coffee and our spa quality locker rooms. E + E Fitness will make you feel special.

“Personally I love to play. And when I say play I mean anything that is active. I spend hours with my son and his friends playing ping-pong, throwing a football, Frisbee, tennis, surfing etc. My love for sports started when I was young and has never faded. I was a division 1 gymnast in college and still love to flip.” Becky Brown, Owner

Our goal is to create a community both inside and outside the fitness studio that is based on the common love for movement, play, and human connection. We want to grow a community, be involved in our community, and foster community relationships in an effort to connect people that may have nothing else in common! 

We’re currently offering the following types of E + E Sessions:

  1. Virtual Sessions Train virtually with E + E from the comfort of your home with our Livestream sessions or when you’re on the go with our on-demand videos. We offer daily Livestream sessions and a full on-demand library of over 70 workout videos that you can do with little or no equipment.
  2. VIP LIVESTREAM Sessions Come to the studio and workout with Zeik, Kiley or Dustin in person, but with only 3 other people. These coveted live filmed spots allow you to workout in person, with the comfort of only 3 spots per livestream class. You workout twice as hard on camera, trust us!
  3. 1-on-1 Personal Training + Private Kickboxing Sessions Work with Austin’s elite coaches in a state-of-the art fitness studio outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. Our trainers develop fun, individualized fitness programs that meet your personal goals. 
  4. Squad Sessions: These small group sessions have a maximum of 4 people and are tailored to the group’s goals. The sessions are a hybrid of our signature structure with a very personalized approach so that you can get the workout that you want when you want it.




Hours & Location

2400 E. 6th Street | Austin, Texas


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